hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Leave it to the Terrier

While queuing for the dog food in Pets'R'us (not really, but I can't remember the name of the store, it changes its name so often), I was browsing through the book about Jack Russels. Seems they're very good at diagnosing illness and injury. Even though my little terrorist isn't a thorough-bred, he's spent most of the evening washing the GSD's front paw. I know that it's inflamed - some sort of allergy. He also attacks MWNN's gammy ear from time to time and he's been spot on a number of times about my dodgy chest. So, I think I'll take my medical complaints to him in future and get them all sorted at once.

What spurred this musing? An earlier conversation with the doctor's receptionist. I'm due for a smear test, the 'flu jab and want to talk to the medic about another minor problem. Can I get all three done on the same day? Can I buggery. I need to have the flu jab done before I go in to meet with the lunatics people who are going to the Halloween Bash, on the 29th. I can have the jab on the 21st. And the Smear? Not until the 1st November. And the medic? The 2nd. So, that's three days mucked with instead of just one. MWNN suggested that when the new IT provision is in place, things will be better even more chaotic.

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