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Sort of a restful weekend was had chez nous. There was a family birthday celebratory meal (cooked by me) for MWNN, totkat and I are all October births. I came home from France to awaiting birthday cards and the books MWNN had bought before we went away. Then the daughter arrived on Saturday afternoon, with the new fella and some more books. Nicely stocked up for the next couple of weeks, I am.

Recommendation for all book lovers: While on the boat, I finally got round to reading Hlen Hanff's 84 Charing Cross Road. It's delightfully charming, based on the correspondence between an American woman and the staff at a London bookshop.

Had a mammoth shopping session to do today to restock the larder. Went up to Tescos and bought a new colour printer cartridge. Just looked at it prior to installing it - it's not colour, it's black. What an earth are they thinking of? Covering the packaging with pictures of colour prints? Bloody misleading that's what it is grumble, grump.

Oh, and while I'm in grump mode, why haven't you used your LJ jennylyle? It's so easy to do using email, just ask irishnoodles.

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