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Saturday 25th September

Decided on a picnic and a visit to the medaeival town of Perouges on Sunday. Stopped off at Vonnas to pick up a present we’d ordered for our neighbour – something we’d been asked to keep a lookout for and hadn’t found in five years’ cruising. Of course, we couldn’t resist adding to the picnic fare at Georges Blanc’s boutique.

Drove through the Dombes looking for the famous lakes but found only a few muddy pond sized ones, with no sign of the pelicans or pink flamencos; they’ve all sensibly flown south for the winter. Searching for a sheltered place to stop and eat the picnic, we stumbled across the most wonderful restored chapel at Beamont. The frescos are worth the detour from the main route.
Annunciation fresco

Before arriving at our destination, we called in at the famous Notre Dame de Dombes - a 19th century abbey famous for its work with the resistance during WWII. The Abbey received the Legion D'Honor and 4 of its monks were killed by the Nazis for their work, one at Belsen. There was a service for the local guides and scouts in progress in the church, so we wandered into the oratory and found a notice to the Martyrs of 1996; six monks who were tortured and killed in Algeria by Islamic terrorists.

And so the day ended at Perrouges - a veritable tourist town full of medaeival houses and a fortress church. We had coffee and Bresse Gallette in the Ostelerie de Vieux Perrouges, where President and Mrs Clinton had lunch one a state visit.

Home - a good 30 miles away, and bed for me. I got chilled during the day and 'took to me bed' with a cold for the next couple of days, hence this late log.

We're heading back to Blighty next week, taking two days for the journey. My birthday celebration will be a trip to see the Monastery of Brou. See you all next week.
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