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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Market isn't what it used to be. 
14th-Sep-2004 11:07 am
cruising log
Came into town this am to get stuff and have got nothing. No miel de lavande, no estragon, no little backpack to replace the damaged one, no plums, no short-sleeved shirt for MWNN.

Did manage to finish chapter 14 of the fic, though, and have sent it post haste to my super-efficient beta, bogwitch

MWNN has gone off to collect the car, so we may well be on the road to Italy if the wearther here doesn't buck up soon. I quite fqncy spending my birthday in Italy this year. At least I'd get a decent cappucino there.

ETA 3.20pm Chapter 13 of FAMILY is now up at FanficNet. Thanks a million bogwitch.
15th-Sep-2004 06:19 pm (UTC)
Un compleanno in Italia - fortunato lei - con tutte le pizze deliziose e con la pastas di avere col suo caffe - sono geloso!!! - didn't know I could speak Italian - well I can't - but if you log onto www.freetranslation.com - you will find out that I am saying 'a birthday in Italy - lucky you - with all those delicious pizzas and pastas to have with your coffee - I am jealous'. God I love the internet - how did we live without it - instant information at the touch of a button. And on a completely different note, I need a haircut and I am just sitting here daydreaming about our 'twinny' haircuts we had at PdV - the whole town is probably still talking about us - how funny that was. J.
18th-Sep-2004 02:00 am (UTC)
Italy's off. Can't be bothered to hit the road when the sun is still shining here at p de V.

I need a haircut, too. MWNN bought so,e clippers to use on the boat. Where are they? You got it. Back in Blighty.

Got Lyle's Chs*ristmas pressie. Will not send it, 'cos it's for Elodie. He'll have to wait 'til next March!

23rd-Sep-2004 04:06 pm (UTC)
Having the hair cut tomorrow - will think of you when in the chair!!! And talking about pressies - I have been so organised this year - can't think why - and have sent all your presents, Xmas and birthdays, by sea mail in a box so you will hopefully get them by December. J.
19th-Sep-2004 03:14 pm (UTC)
No plums? We got blimmin tons of them appear in the gite one afternoon during siesta time. OK, not exactly tons, but about 40 of them in a carrier bag from Monsieur's trees. And that was after the apple compote of a few days before that, made from apples from the trees in the walled garden of the gite too. I don't even _like_ plums. Bah.
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