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Packing Now

Back to France tomorrow, despite the fact that MWNN can't raise the boatyard and I have this awful feeling that the work we commissioned won't be complete and we'll be stuck for somewhere to stay with the dogs until it is - again - Pessimist aren't I jennylyle ? Remember Parfitt and the nastiness that ensued?

Another problem, the Irishoutlaw's other=half is staying at our place, arriving the day we take off (tomorrow). Irishoutlaw has lost the keys to our place and our friendly neighbourhood conscierge is on holiday and won't be back until Friday.

Meanwhile, it's back to the ironing board for me, cleaning the kitchen and other last minute jobs that have accumulated while I've been getting over the dose of whatever I'd picked up at DWCon.

Hope the house move goes smoothly meallanmouse.

Best of luck with the new job willowfae - see you when I get back. Let me know when/if you resume your visits to The Mended Drum.

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