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Very busy day today. Spent too much time beating the printer into submission and trying to train it to print on both sides of the paper without eating each sheet as it did. All this in preparation for the big presentation to the group in Cambridge this coming Saturday. I was half-way through this and knee deep in shredded paper, when an e-mail came through from the Secretary of the group. She was terribly sorry but she wouldn't be there on Saturday (Bloody woman, she was the one who had persuaded me to do this presentation in the first place - she was so keen to hear all about the book.) She also can't make the pre-presentation committee meeting. Would I, as assistant Secretary, take the minutes; oh - and distribute the minutes of the last meeting to those to whom she's forgotten to post them via snail mail because they don't have e-mail. I'm one of the few members of the group who doesn't live in Cambridge - it takes me about 40 minutes to drive there and, once there, without a navigator in the car, I have a hard time finding my way around (well you try driving and map-reading at the same time). I now have to find my way to two different Cambridge venues, in Saturday traffic. Bollocks What joy.

A link I discovered through Qkellie cheered me up though. Spent some time playing with babel fish over lunchtime, then, back to conquer the monster that is my HP Deskjet. I won, finally, but I had to feed it single sheets - spoon-feeding my printer is not my idea of a productive afternoon.

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