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I'm back!

What a fabulous weekend that was. So many wonderful experiences. I'm going to have to make a list.

In the meantime, make do with a few pics from the last 4 days at the Discworld Convention 2004 I've so many that I've only had time to reduce a few down to reasonable size for loading.

Someone else snapped the moment that The Man in the Hat signed We Free Men for bogwitch. His comment on the name - What a wonderfully down to earth name for a witch.

Overall impression of the Con.

Conventions are best organised and run by the fans

Reasons - mainly financial - cost of Con membership for 4 days Friday-Monday £40. Events ran everyday from 9am til after 11pm. On the night of the Gala Dinner, the gambling in the casino went on until the small hours.

Other reasons
1. Over £10,000 was raised at the auction for the Fund for The Orangutang Foundation.
2. An impromptu OMWF singalong raised £130 on the night with a further £100+ pledged for a propmise of no repeat performance for the Sudan Emergency Appeal
3. The Guests were involved with the goings on over the weekend and not spirited away between signings and scheduled appearances. Terry, himself, was a victim of the Assassins Guild's (successful) attempt to acrue most guild points over the weekend. He was stabbed in the knee by a Munchkin (an 8 year-old Death of Rats), then resurrected by the Alchemists' guild and then sold life insurance by the same Munchkin Assassin.
4. The guests had as as great a time as the fans. They were to be found in the bar, having rounds of drinks bought for them, in The Hub, grabbing a baguette at lunchtime, in the dining room at breakfast, tucking in to the traditional English breakfast.
5. Fans were involved rather than being passive recipients.

more to follow later . . . need to sleep, worked hard for the Chronicle (Daily DWCon's newsheet) everyday and my legs are killing me. I never want to see a flight of stairs ever again, let alone have to use one. Going to move to a bungalow, methinks.

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