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All ready to go.

Won't be around until Tuesday now, folks. Will return with lots of piccies of the Con. and goodies for all you Pratchett fans- well bogwitch at least.

Weather warning doesn't bode well for travelling, so I'm not taking the usual cross-country route. Will have to stick to A roads and the motorway *sigh*. Much as I enjoy driving, I do not include motorways on my must do list of favourite routes.

jennylyle, I'm fairly certain that you are not staying logged in to LJ and that is causing your problems. Have a look at the extreme top right-hand corner of the screen. It should say Welcome jennylyle and then present a log out box. If it doesn't, it means everytime you use your computer to visit LJ and then close down, LJ is automatically logging you out of its system.

You must therefore

1. click the log in box that will be there instead.
2. When it takes you to the next screen, make sure that there is a dot in the circle beside the word never - and
3. click the change button.

NBThat done you will always be logged in when you go to LJ land only on the machine you have just used.

You will need to do all this again on any other computer you use. I know this because it is the problem irishnoodles was having.

Will get round to making you some Spikey goodness icons when I get back. Yay another disciple for the temple of Spike.

Update on the chapter title - Does House Devils, Street Angels? mean anything to folk out there, or is the reference too Brit/old.

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