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Music from yesteryear.

OK what happened to the sun promised in the weather forecast for today? Came back from the dog walk this morning and immediately lost 6lb by knocking the mud off the boots. Walking in the English countryside is definitely no fun when every step adds yet more of the nasty stuff to both humans and dogs. The return home becomes a major de-contamination exercise involving masses of newspaper and lots of chasing a certain GSD around the kitchen. Funnily enough, Killer-terrier enjoys a rub down with crackly newspaper, (he's a real little pervert!)

Last night's Gilbert and Sullivan Concert concert was very good but the whole concert suffered from a lack of a Chorus. With only eight performers from the New Savoyards, London, they really should have avoided the songs that demand one. The concert opened with one of my favourite songs "Ghosts' High Noon" from Ruddigore. The pianist was a poor substitute for the Chorus and I had to metaphorically gag myself to stop myself yelling "Ha Ha" at the appropriate points. I regained my composure only during the second half when the cast made up for their lack of a Chorus with some audience participation. Oh yes, #a policeman's lot is not a happy one, - - happy one#. Pity they left it until well into the second half. I could have gone with the audience participation during many more of the songs featured in the selection. *sigh* memories of my youth.

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