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Taking off for a few days

Why do I do it? We've been back from France just 2 weeks and for one of them, MWNN was MIA at his Ma's in Dublin. Now I'm going away for a long weekend. I'm off to start a winter stitching project with Anna . I discovered her years ago, when she was based in a converted water mill in Norfolk. I was in need of some R&R from RL - this is PB (pre-BtVS). For any American stitchers out there, she runs classes each year in the States.

When I come back from Anna's, I'm off again, to the DiscWorld Con. for 5 days.

Much as I enjoy these activities when I take part, it means MWNN and I will have been together only 10 days (and nights) out of the time we're spending at home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Possibly. I'll take comfort in that thought anyway.

On another note, I've updated the Family fic. at FanficNet Sorry it's a little shorter than usual but there's a big scene coming up that would have made Chapter 11 too long if I'd included it. witch_wolf Blondiebear is down again.

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