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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Trying again to get the post by email thingy to recognise lj codes 
11th-Aug-2004 05:34 pm
knitting sketch
I've just reset the mailing defaults and am trying to get it to take in
commands for userpics and moods.

nope It still inserts the word blank as the first word and that buggers up the codes and the remainder of the entry.

jennylyle I hope you like your new-vamped LJ. Early Christmas present.

Update on last night and the arrivals' board. As predicted, the on-line board didn't update before I left home, so I had to park in the carpark instead of lurking at the drop-off point. The arrivals' board at the airport reported a 20 minute delay in the arrival time, so off Iwent in search of a cuppa. Cuppa in hand, I perched on a bar stool to watch the board. At 10.40, the plane landed. 11pm, no sign of MWNN. Thinking he might have exited by a different door, I walked to the point where he always waits when his plane lands early. He's not there either. Back to the arrivals' lounge. 11.10, no sign, 11.15, still no sign. Fearing he may have done one of his famous missed the flight/train/bus because he's always late for appointments, I considered phoning Dublin on my mobile. Thought better of it. He would have phoned home from Dublin. 11.15, he finally appeared. Trouble at 't' baggage carousel he said.

Cost to car for 45 minutes parking? £2.90. God I hate airports.
11th-Aug-2004 06:41 pm (UTC)
WOW, WOW and WOW - clever you to do all that - thank you sooooo very much - it's gorgeous!!!! - love the water lilies - love Spike - love the colour pink, pink and more pink - love it all and thank you for pressy of paid time too. I have seen ALL your entries now and I think I have understood all your instructions - only thing I can't seem to find is the icon/picture to use button. Is it best to go into my journal to read you or should I continue with hesadevil? Also, if I was to put an entry on my LJ would it be read by everyone or just you and irishnoodles because you are the friends? My poor old laptop at home is near death, so to celebrate all your hard work I am going out to buy a new computer tomorrow night - that way I can access you, me and irishnoodles at home -whoopee!!!! and finally, welcome back MWNN. Lots and lots of love and thank you kisses J.
12th-Aug-2004 04:42 am (UTC)
if I was to put an entry on my LJ would it be read by everyone or just you and irishnoodles because you are the friends?
Your entry would be read by everyone because if you do it by email you cannot set it to Friends' Only.

love the colour pink, pink and more pink
*grin* Don't know why you're seeing Spike, he's not on your LJ site. I think you probably see part of my LJ site, or possibly the icon I used when posting a comment to one of the entries.

Is it best to go into my journal to read you
I suggest that you go to your LJ site, where you see both entries I've put up so far. Add that to your favourites and go in through there. When you want to read your friends' pages, click on the word Friends at the right hand side. You can add more friends by going to an entry on someone's page that takes your fancy and clicking the = sign next to the little person icon that appears at the top of the entry.

By the way, you're LJ address hasn't changed. The name I sent you to put up entries by email contains a Pin number (password) to make sure no-one else can make any entries. I have set your LJ so that only people registered with LJ.com can make comments on your entries.

Have fun.

PS practice using different icons by replying to this comment on this page

1. Click reply
2. Above the white box where you type your comment, there is the words Picture to use; click the arrow
3. Choose the picture you want to use from the list. I think I have given you lavender, sunflowers, and spiral.

I can add more if you tell me what you would like me to make.

Have fun.

12th-Aug-2004 04:12 pm (UTC)
I have followed orders but above this box is 'no HTML allowed in subject' and then 'don't auto-format'? - I have looked everywhere but can't find it. I have printed out all your instructions and will have to study them - homework!!! Yes, you are right, Spikey boy on yours not mine. I saw that photo a few weeks ago on your LJ when he had BROWN hair - doesn't seem the same does it - he should stick with the bleach bottle - brown seems too drab for him. Hope you enjoy your stitching weekend - my birthday bag has been much admired - I show it to everyone who visits. Love J.
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