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Why does this always happen?

I'm sitting here, checking the flight arrivals' board at Luton Airport. I'm so bored, I've managed to finish Chapter 11 of Family. So, I gaze and gaze, and refresh and refresh and, you know what? Every flight has an updated ETA except the one from Dublin. It's always like this. I check in case the flight is delayed, and I'd be stuck having to pay for parking while I wait at the terminal. But, finally, I can wait no longer if I'm to be there on time, and I head off.

I got to the airport one time and waited over an hour. The delay didn't appear on the boards until after the due arrival time had passed. Any bets on what's going to happen tonight? Things stand like this at present;
Flight Airport STA ETA Status
EZY2036 Zurich 22:15 22:05 Estimated 22:05
ZB069 Gibraltar 22:25 00:00 Estimated 00:00
EZS911 Geneva 22:30 22:30 Estimated 22:30
EZY2562 Paris (Cdg) 22:30 22:30 Estimated 22:30
FR342 Dublin 22:35 22:35
EZY2508 Nice 22:40 22:40 Estimated 22:40
EZY2108 Berlin (Schonefeld) 22:50 22:50 Estimated 22:50
FCA631D Palma 22:50 22:40 Estimated 22:40
EZY2204 Madrid (Barajas) 23:10 23:50 Estimated 23:50
EZY2270 Barcelona 23:50 23:50 Estimated 23:50
ZB057 Tenerife-south 23:55 00:55 Estimated 00:55

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