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Another LJ entry that begins IT'S TOO BLOODY HOT

Seems that Europe is suffering and we are all waiting for a decent storm to break the weather. Not in Ireland, though, MWNN reports cool and rain - lucky them.

I'm blaming the hot weather for the fact that I inadvertently deleted the background poppies pic to this LJ. Not a very convincing excuse I admit. I had uploaded a Wallpaper to my pic hosting site, to show bogwitch THIS fabulous one. For some unknown reason, I had a clearout of old pics. (Think it has something to do with the big cleanout of junk in which I've been indulging as I scrub the house.) I'd completely forgotten that the poppies were needed for this layout. So, I replaced it with the windows from the Petit Chapel in Paris. Think I'll stay with them for a while, they're nice.

Lunch with bogwitch was good, though we almost didn't meet. I was about 10 minutes late, having got hopelessly lost on the backroads, none of which signed the way. I parked in front of the pub and settled down inside to wait for an even later bogwitch. She, meanwhile, had parked in the carpark at the back of the pub, and was sitting in the garden, waiting for me to arrive. What made me go outside, I'll never know, but, thank goodness I did. Shy? Bogwitch? Never noticed. Perhaps that's because we were off in fan-girl mode very quickly, and then into a shared liking for all things sci-fi, fantasy and Discworld. We talked so long that we ordered our final drinks just as the last orders bell was rung. (You really will have to get that into your pub scene.)We took them outside and didn't leave until 4.15.

Final ep. of AtS is now in my hot little hand - thanks! Am off to watch.
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