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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Cruising photo log 
5th-Aug-2004 08:45 pm
knitting sketch
These are all taken with MWNN's elderly Kodak 260 digital camera (1998).
Cruising the Canal du Centre
Right to Left
The foal feeding was a scoop. I had the long lense on and the boat was moving as I took it. Came out pretty well I think. Just for you meallanmouse (I have another of the two of them just standing together which is just as good but it's taking too long to upload. I may have to reduce them in size and try again tomorrow.
Afternoon Tea 1 This was the beginning of the gathering for afternoon tea. It began with 5 guests and ended with 10.
The Loire at Nevers The mooring is at the end of the canal arm that stops just before this bridge. The Loire is wide and shallow in places. It's one of the last untamed rivers.
The old town, Nevers is worth a re-visit. We really must do it.

And now I'm giving up. The Net is so slow tonight. It's taken 15 minutes to upload three photos.

irishnoodles You can find the Avignon visit on the entry for July 31st

Warning Large files - don't be tempted to use the slide show options if you're on dial-up.
6th-Aug-2004 10:08 am (UTC)
Eee! Pretty horsies! :D

:: dances, twirls ::
6th-Aug-2004 10:21 am (UTC)
I couldn't resist. If the boat hadn't been moving at the time, I'd have got a pic of the whole family. Dad was in the field, too, but he wouldn't move into the viewfinder for a close-up shot. I'll post the other pic. sometime tomorrow. It's taking a lot longer than I thought to re-size them all. My manipulation program isn't co-operating at all. It's probably the heat.
6th-Aug-2004 10:23 am (UTC)
Hrm. I have some pics, so many... I should start scanning and post some of my equestrian photography one day. Heh!

:: flops over ::
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