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I wish I'd had the camera out.

Phoned MWNN early last night, to make sure he hadn't killed any of the Irish Outlaws. I had to put the phone down after about 30 seconds. I spotted Killer Terrier standing on the fire hearth. He normally doesn't lower himself to anything so unhuman as being on the floor when he's indoors. Hence the throws on the sofas. Tell a lie, he flops on the hearth, feet touching the fender, when it's very cold and there's a roaring fire in the grate. It was not cold. There was no fire. Yet, there he was, nose touching the fireguard,imobile, staring at something I couldn't make out in the lamplight.

I told MWNN I'd call back and went over for a closer look. There, behind the fireguard, beak pressed against the spot where Killer Terrier's nose touched the mesh, was a wood pigeon - the sworn enemy, flying vermin that it's his mission to eradicate. Yet he didn't move. I think he just couldn't believe that the bird could have invaded his territory unseen and it was therefore a figment.

What to do? I shooed both dogs into the kitchen (Loony Shepherd was resting and non too pleased to be sent to her bed so early). I opened the doors through the dining room and conservatory and took one of the sofa throws and approached the fireguard. At the sight of the throw, the bird panicked, so I held it behind me while I slowly raised the fireguard. The bird didn't move. It was a young bird, by the looks of it, in beautiful condition, the russet ring on its neck glowing with health. I threw the throw over the bird and waited until it had stopped struggling. Then, hoping it hadn't died of shock, I took it into the garden, placed the throw on the lawn and unwrapped it. Apart from losing a few feathers, and a little dignity, it was fine and flew off, into the tree where it annoys our next-door neighbour, Aldo, by waking him up too early in the morning. (We've agreed to go halves on a shotgun.)

Killer Terrier's now on watch from his chair in the conservatory. He still hasn't worked out how the bird got in. Perhaps I ought to send him to chimney sweep classes and kill two birds with one stone the next time it needs cleaning?

jennylyle alert. Are you still not able to see my Friends Locked posts? You've commented on the ones that are unlocked. Try looking for August 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries.

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