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Welcome - again - irishnoodles

I recommend that everyone on my FList goes and reads my sis-in-law, irishnoodles' LJ. She lives in a small village in Bavaria and, if you're into the Eugene O'Neil brand of literature, you need look no further for RL versions. It's all there, in the dealings with the Irish outlaws, the local Powers-that-Be, the English-speaking group, not to mention the German outlaws. I tell you, you need never go to the theatre again - all human life, with its foibles is there, warts and all. I love her to bits and marvel at how she stays so positive that humans are basically good through all that she has to cope with.

I'm just back from the airport run. MWNN has flown off to see his Ma. He'll come back in a week's time just aching for the relative sanity of chez nous. The trip out to Luton was a bit hairy, as there was a major storm raging and the humidity was at the 100% mark. I love watching storms but hate driving through them when there's a deadline to make. Have to say a big thanks to jennylyle. The Camaleu T-Shirts/camisoles from Paris have saved my life during the past week. They are so pretty and fit so well, skimpy enough to be airy and light and yet cover enough to save the modesty. Thank you. My colours too. One pale blue, one white.

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