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Pratchett Fans

Anyone going to the Discworld Con. next month?

Apart from the usual, original,alt.fan suspects and The Committee that is?

I'm preparing now by sending my Dell back for repairs. Basically, it arrived with a faulty on/off switch and a wobbly memory stick. And use of the USB ports resulted in a fatal error blue screen from WindowsXP along with the refusal to close the computer down. I had to remove the battery top get it to go off. DHL arrives tomorrow (sometime between 9 and 5 - why can't they decide on morning or afternoon?) to take it away and, hopefully, return it all shiny and new again, on Friday.

Having been in France without the facility to view pics from the camera on the laptop and transfer the good ones onto DC, I'm keen to use it at the Con. So, anyone who is going to the Con. and knows about camera flash cards in recalcitrant USB ports, give me a wave will ya?

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