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Home again, gome again, jiggedy jig

Nous sommes chez nous - enfin!

And what is waiting for me in my in-box? Masses of junk mail offering viagra. I got more offers for viagra in my in-box than I did real mail during my time in France. It's little wonder I've written Viagra Spam into chapter 9 of Family.

Off for a long soak in the bath - the first in over 12 weeks. Then to open all the snail mail that's piled up. chenanceou - would you believe it, all your postcards arrived just after I'd left for France, back in April. I've just found them at the bottom of the box that our house-sitter fills when the postman calls.

calove I just have to catch up on your news from the Con. Did you get any autographs? Talk to anyone interesting? What's all this I heard about character assassination?.
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