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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Avril to Decize  
8th-Jul-2004 11:31 am
knitting sketch
We headed back to Decize under showery skies. This week's entries will, hopefully, be sent off at the cyberspace on the edge of town. Then we have three weeks' cruising before we head back to the UK - that's if the irishoutlaw lets us know if she's planning to be at chez nous alone for the final week of the month. If she brings a guest, we will have to stay in France longer due to lack of bed space. MWNN has booked his August visit to Dublin from 3rd to 10th and it would be nice to have a week in our own beds and catch up with all the mail and household chores before he leaves.

A bientot until August, mes amis.
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