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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Nevers - Plagny  
7th-Jul-2004 08:35 pm
knitting sketch
Feeling cranky today. Plagny is a nice enough spot but yet another village mooring whose advertised facilities (water) don't exist. Not that it matters, as we filled up before leaving Nevers this morning. We pulled into Plagny ahead of a 40foot narrowboat, which we recognised as the first narrowboat we saw in first year in France, in 2000. Gadabout was tparished struggling against the current of the Oise as we were shooting down towards Paris. We thought it was a solo boater (Don) but turned out that Sandra was below making the tea when we'd passed that day in late April. Sandra recognised us through the dogs who'd been on deck at the time. I'd taken a photo of the boat as she disappeared upstream but hadn't caught the name of the boat on camera. Sandra and Don have been over here since 1997 and have spent 6 winters in the Arsenal in Paris. More of them later.

Another reason for my crankiness is the greed of French rural taxi drives. MWNN spotted the crew of the Dutch boat moored ahead of us getting out of a taxi which had ferried them to the supermarket. In he got, thinking that the taxi would take him to the Intermarche which was about 2 km away. But no, the taxi sped past, the driver explaining that he 'wasn't allowed' take a fare of less than 5 Euros. He drove on into Nevers and out the other side to the Geant hypermarket - a ten euro ride. When MWNN finished his shopping, he asked the maiden at the customer help desk to phone for a taxi for the return trip, having torn up the card given by the pirate. Who arrived? Yes, said pirate. Return trip - 10 Euros.' So, a 20 Euro bill for a shopping bill of 50 Euros - almost 50% added to the cost. Why the man couldn't have stopped at the Intermarche and charged his 'minimum' 5 Euro fare is beyond my comprehension, and beyond my toleration of 'quaint French tradition'. This is pure fleecing the grockles.
7th-Jul-2004 11:37 am (UTC)
I got your card!

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7th-Jul-2004 01:39 pm (UTC)
I'm not fond of taxis in general having once been kicked out of a taxi car when the driver found out I had no change and another time I had to run out of a taxi car when the driver started asking me how did I like making love.

So I will add my voice against the greedy ones too.
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