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Decize to ?

Into virgin territory. The stretch between Decize and Nevers is new to us. We've been south on this canal, from the Seine, as far as Briare, and we've come down the Canal du Nivernais through Decize and on to Chalons.

Before we set off, MWNN met Peter and Judy from Zee Otter, at the supermarket. Judy was looking for the launderette which is beside the garage. Zee Otter is moored at Cercy la Tour on the Nivernais at the moment and they'd driven in their VW. They'd bought the car in Switzerland last year for about 200 Euros. They'd discovered that the train fare back to the boat was 170 Euros each and reasoned the car would pay for itself if it made the trip. It's still going strong 5000km later. On discovering the launderette was closed due to vandalism, Judy offered to take me to the launderette in Nevers. I was keen to move on and get some of the 31km and 7 locks to Nevers done today, so I declined. During the course of the conversation, Judy and I discovered that our favourite Relais (a hidden gem of a restaurant) was the one at Sillery, a tiny hamlet just south of Reims.

The run to Nevers is quite beautiful. Wide stretches of canal winding through farmland studded with Charolais cattle and shady tree-lined stretches with good mooring under oak trees. As we approached the only official mooring place between Decizes and Nevers, we saw that it was full - just two boats and no room at the Inn. So we motored on, found a lovely shady spot, tied the boat to two trees and spent a lovely leisurely couple of hours on the bank. Loony GSD destroyed a few trees (she's orally fixated, if she were human, she'd be a chain smoker). Killer Terrier had a wonderful time, head down, bottom up, examining the holes in the bank and attacking the reeds everytime the wind or a passing boat moved them. Afternoon tea was followed by a shower and nap for MWNN, light supper and early to bed.

Now this is what it's all about.
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