hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Decize stopover - First time around (last Saturday)

Lovely town, Decize, boasting the best Pizza Parlour in France where, on our last visit, two years' ago, they served us great pasta on Sunday night - the only place open serving food. Malheureusement, il est fermèè. We moored outside the town locks in the shade of the trees outside VNF (French Waterways) Headquarters.

Into town through the locks and between the practicing canoists on the Loire itself. The lockeeper warned us that there was an International Cayak regatta happening over the weekend, so we decided, in the words of Danny Kaye, to

Get it done. Get in.
Get it.
Get out.
Got it?

The 'it' in question was vacuum cleaner bags. The great surprise was that the first Electromanager we called into had the very ones. No need to order and call back next week. Two months' worth of inaccessible dog hairs will disappear the next time we have shore power.

A quick visit to the internet café and back out to the out of town mooring, where two Brit. Cruisers awaited us, quickly followed by two French owned boats, one with battery problems.

Notice This is the last week's worth of hesadevil's cruising log until next year as irishnoodles has been summoned to Ireland for two weeks and will be unable to retype my entries and post them for me.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2004

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