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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
1st-Jul-2004 08:38 pm
knitting sketch
Irishnoodles here - terrible - terrible - I forgot to write the last paragraph under the heading "Beulon stopover" - very sorry about that. So here we go.

The end to this perfect day came with 2 episodes of Angel - Time Bomb and the Girl in Question. I'm sure the Ozzies who had pulled in behind us on a hire boat while we were at lunch thought I'd gone mad. I watched with my earphones in so that MWNN didn't have to suffer the sound. (He was on the bank talking to a Brit caravaner whose husband was indoors listening to the England 2004 European quarter finals game on the radio. He's tried all day to find a bar that was showing the game on TV, but "pah les Anglais? Non! Les Bleus (France) are not playing tonight so no TV in any bars in the locality. Anyhow, I laughted my way through most of The Girl in Question, particularly Angel's reprise of the cookie dough speech.
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