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Dompierre to Beaulon

The promised storm happened at about midnight last night. As the hail hit the windows in the front cabin, I sat up to watch the display. It was most disappointing, just lightening a long way off and no thunder so I was back to sleep in minutes.

Dompierre's shops didn't disappoint. I stocked up with essentials at the supermarket, planned a cold lunch in case Friday is hot and we can't close up the boat and leave the dogs while we lunch with Lesley, filled with water and headed off for Garnat-sur-Engievre. We never arrived. As we went through the lock at Beaulon, MWNN told me that the Capitaine at Dompierre said there wasn't a decent restaurant at Gannay where we'd planned to meet Lesley. There IS one at Beaulon, so we decided to check it out. We were the only ones at the Halt Nautique and MWNN discovered electricity and water is here, free of charge. The Capitaine told porkies when he said that the Restaurant Vielle Maison was closer to the mooring than the supermarket was to the mooring in Dompierre. We've just come back from walking the route, it's at least twice as far and along a road with no pavement. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there. The only problem about staying here will be that MWNN is adamant he will NOT walk that far to get the bread in the mornings.

Now - must give Lesley a ring and see if she will come over tomorrow for lunch.

MWNN has just haired off to help a hire boat moor, to prevent it bashing into us. He has returned with horror-stories about the 'crew' not knowing where reverse is and thinking the throttle is the stop button. The family are from England. They have a house in Wiltshire and another in Essex, and the husband is DESPERATE to own a boat. Madame is unimpressed with conditions aboard the hire boat, which at 15 years old is showing its age, condensation is a big problem (plastic boat, plastic interior): Have just given the family a tour of the narrowboat. Both parents are impressed and may well start looking for one on their return to Angleterre.

Ended the day by taking a bottle of Chartreuse and the unopened bottle of Jameson aboard the Brits hire boat. They'd biked the 1.5km to the restaurant (told you the Capitaine had told porkies) only to find it and the other restaurants closed, it being Wednesday. All they had on board was eggs, so they had to make do wih omelettes for dinner. Chris had a fascinating family history to tell, as well as an interesting career with the BBC (he was Head of BBC World, and, briefly, BBC Radio Scotland, before moving on to work for the Guinness Book of Records and, latterly, various quangos to do with railways in Europe.)
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