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Digoin to Coulanges

A short hop, through the Digoin lock onto the Canal Lateral a la Loire, 8.5km of wooded towpath to the Coulanges lock. We are the only boat at the mooring. There is a tap with a sink, a Turkish loo, and shady picnic tables. Coulanges boasts a 12th Century Church that might be worth a visit and the baker/alimentation is literally beside the boat, across the towpath.

After a lunch of hot goat's cheese salad (Charolais goat), we settled down to some serious window washing (narrowboats have LOTS - ours has 8). I managed to wash all the cafe-net curtains AND the front cabin door net that keeps out most of the flying insects that like to invade boats, and provides privacy when we leave the door open on hot nights. The curtains turned from a dull brown, full of the dust and debris of last year's cruise, to near enough their original cream colour. They are now drying on the rack that hooks over the semi-trad side (over the water). Personal laundry is drying on what I call the 'twirly whirly' (a wheel with pegs along its spokes), that hangs under the cratch board over the front deck.

MWNN is having his siesta in the front cabin as I plan tonight's dinner; pate de fois gras followed by grilled Charolais sirloin steaks in a Provencal sauce, new potatoes and petit pois, Osau Iriati cheese (a hard sheep's cheese from the Pyranese) strawberries and cherries to finish I think I'll open the bottle of 1998 Cassis to try with the beef. We've never had the wine before and I just LOVE to experiment - hope I don't regret it after the reaction to the Sunday lunch wine.
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