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I have been such a good little housewife today. Rose at the crack of dawn (well it felt like it anyway) and scrubbed the house from top to bottom. Even cleaned all the mirrors. (But not the insides of the cupboards, Aunty N. I'm not a good little German housewife.)

Baked some fresh bread (OK the Panasonic does all the work but, hey – I put all the ingredients in, and in the correct order too!) So the house is filled with yummy baking smells. (Wholemeal loaf this time as MWNN is still AWAL and he doesn't like wholemeal so it's the only time I get to bake it.)

Rewarded myself with a quick visit to the wildfeed site for BtVS.

Decided to write a poem for MWNN but couldn't find the Muse. So here's one I wrote for him many years ago that, hopefully, sums up my feelings during his absence.


Can't express how we feel.
Void, empty vacuum.
Meaningless prisoners within.
Waiting, waiting,
Longing suspended.
Waiting for Us together again.
Tar agus faun!
Ta me liom fein.

(trans. Tar agus faun - come and stay
Ta me liom fein - I am alone)

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