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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Genelard stopover  
22nd-Jun-2004 08:32 pm
knitting sketch
Spent the day with jennylyle and Lindsey just lazing around. Lyle made some scrummy fruit scones for elevenses but no one was back from shopping/visit to the Romanesque church until after 12. Jenny opened two cans of cassolet for lunch, after which it was Pimms at 2, afternoon cream tea at 4 and a light supper of tea and bread at 10.30. Lindsey, jennylyle and I watched the interview of the Spike Special DVD and then I completed Lindsey's 'conversion' by showing the promotional video 'I Touch Myself', that was made for one of the American Conventions. Another JM fan to add to the list. Lindsey positively drooled over the picture (Simon leaning against a wall smouldering so nicely) I'd stuck to the 'Chance' DVD and I warned him I'd fight him for JM and that I'd probably win.

What a lovely restful day, good company, lots of laughs, cool weather - perfect.
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