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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
TV Viewing and late-night fun 
16th-Jan-2003 11:09 pm
knitting sketch
Finally got to watch the first episode of the new Buffy Season. It was very good. Really enjoyed all the scenes shot in England. I was expecting them but it still came as a shock to see Giles on horseback in what was obviously not rural California.

Did some interstellar banking on-line courtesy of my open-all-hours Bank and then logged on to spend a very amusing hour reading the updates of the thefirstevil and his friend soulvamp Joined the fun as my alter-ego hesadevil and
was really bowled over when soulvamp acknowledged me as the main inspiration for his PC wallpaper Top Ten Ways Spike Deals With Soul Better Than Angel. I e-mailed him immediately for a copy to use in training wannabee-souled-vampires to join the blond one's slayerette army.
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