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Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 19th May

Left P d V in full sun and had a delightful cruise up to Tournus, with a river breeze cooling the boat. jennylyle insisted on a Pizza dinner so we all retired to the Grill overlooking the quais at 7pm. I left loony GSD happily basking in the breeze of our electric fan which I placed on the floor of the boat under MWNN's bunk to keep her cool. Mooring at Tournus, as everywhere else in France is out in full sun with no shade to be had. The river wind is not effectivce when stationary and tied up behind a huge cruiser.


Left the twin towers of the Abbey at Tournus behind us early this morning and cruised up to Chalon sur Soane in even better weather than yesterday. I spotted the first kingfisher of the season, a swallowtail butterfly and a hawk of some sort doing somersaults down towards the water, spiralling his way down to a fish.

We will overnight at Chalon, shop for supplies for the coming weekend and rest at Chagny on the Canal du Centre to wait out the storms promised for Saturday and Sunday.

Feeling quite sad that today is the final ep. in which Spike will appear. We watched the last episodes of BtVS before we left P d V and jennylyle has no inclination to watch the eps of AtS I have with me. So it will be LOTR 1 at the weekend, if it rains.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2004

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