hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Thursday 14th - Friday 15th May

Hair-cut day for both of us. jennylyle had MWNN in kinks as she told how the two girls at the coiffures were convinced we were gay lovers having our hair cuts at the same time. We were both encouraging one another to have it shorter, shorter, shorter. MWNN loves my flat top that I have done at the start of each cruise.

I cooked dinner for 5, inviting J and L and Swiss opthalmologist, Peter (whose Irish wife, Hazel is visiting an old school chum in the south her birthday treat.) It was quite a squeeze in the front cabin of the narrowboat but we managed round our little folding table. Pate de fois for starters, lamb, chippolatas and smoked sausage cassolet for main course, fresh fruit salad and cream for desert and three cheeses to end. Vire Clesse, Cotes de Rhone Villages, and a Bordeaux and Colombian coffee for drinks. Peter enjoyed himself immensely and brought a cadeaux of Swiss chocolate in a tiny earthenware pot. Dinner went on until half eleven. The poor dogs had to wait for a very late meal but were impecably behaved. Loony GSD slept in the rear cabin and killer terrier was under the table between my feet for the duration of the meal. He appeared only once to claim his share of my strawberries from the desert.

Friday 15th May

The gas man finally cometh, serviced the boiler and got the radiator working again. We had a Spike fest this afternoon as the boys went to Lyon for some non-slip decking for our new rear deck and a new battery for jennyle's boat. We watched Entropy, Seeing Red, Villains and Grave, to finish off season 6.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2004

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