hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Wedesday 13th May

Market day in P d V. Shopping with jennylyle is quite an experience. I failed to discourage her from buying a pair of cropped demin look trousers, succeeded in encouraging her to buy a very clever pan that cooks fat free omlettes, crepes and other goodies, and allowed her to talk me into buying a pair of cropped, embroidered linen trousers.

As we nade our way up the high street towards the bakers, I found some delicious honey de lavande, wonderful choux fleur, 12 month old compte cheese and the ripest sweetest strawberries I've ever tasted.

In retaliation for turning me into a shopaholic, I'm converting jennylye to a committed Spike fan. I've taken her through SH, LW, FFL and a selection from Season 6. She's well and truly hooked and is quite the Willow fan and Xander-hater.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2004
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