hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Saturday 8th May - Tuesday 12th May

Today is a public holiday and we decided to take the scenic route back to Pont de Vaux. We used the 'D' roads in the hope of finding a rustic little auberge for lunch. All the Relais Routiers were closed, it being the weekend, and, after an hour and a half, we'd covered only 50k in a veery strawberry shortcut that was taking us deep into the Auvergne and away from the northerly route towards Lyon.

I was desperate for a post-breakfast pee after about 40 minutes. We finally stopped at a Le Clerk hypermarket at Valence, bought a picnic lunch and headed for the autoroute. The nearer we got to Lyon, the darker the sky became, until the heavens finally opened and we returned to P d V in a bitterly cold rain storm.

Saturday night and Sunday were icy. We await the gas man who cometh perhaps Tuesday, perhaps Thurday, to make the boiler talk to the radiator. MWNN meanwhile bought a sack of coal for the solid fuel stove. The sun came out immediately and we've been broiling in 28 degrees ever since.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2004

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