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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It's raining again. The only way to beat the grey-sky, rainy British-blues is lots and lots of tea and hot crumpets. (need a translation all you non-Brits?)

crumpet, n. Flat, soft batter-cake eaten hot with much butter (Pocket Oxford Dictionary)

nope, doesn't do them justice - go look -

crumpet recipe

What we need here, of course is "smellyvision"

To appreciate the yumminess that is crumpets, the following are necessary;

1. a cold, wet, windy, English day.

2. A long morning walk with the dogs in which 'lunatic German Shepherd' insists on retrieving her toy from the mud-filled ditch and 'killer terrier' goes AWAL for about 40 minutes searching for prey, rabbits, rats, squirrels (acrobatic rats) - just about anything that moves fast and can be chased, caught, and swiftly dispatched.

3. A long hot bath on return. Lots of lovely lavendar soak stuff.

4. Going all nostalgic and rooting out the old 60s albums


5. Followed by a marathon Star Trek session (bletch Voyager again, oh well) in front of a roaring coal fire. Yes, we still have those in the UK. We have central heating as well,(very posh) but that's not nearly so much fun as -

hot ash falling out onto the carpet,
coal-dust footsteps through the house,
rescuing killer terrier's paws from melding to the grate for the 'nth' time

Just had a wicked thought - There is an alternative definition of the word 'crumpet'. Used as slang to describe a hottie of the female variety e.g. Joanna Lumley "the thinking man's crumpet". Must be missing MWNN again.

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