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On another planet

One where the wind chill take the temperature to minus figures in May, and where the bank automatically suspends the ATM card when the account is in debit (3 euros, last November) but doesn't re-instate it when the account is back in credit (48 hours later). After a call to the Brit line the other day, and investigation by Caroline, (who couldn't find the 48hours we were in debit) we now have a working card again and access to funds.

Wednesday 5th May MWNN left me finishing the silk purse for jennylyle and went in search of the Jews of Avignon. They were protected from persecution in the 14th Century by special order of the Pope at Avignon. They have been here since 70 AD and MWNN had a long chat with the Rabbi in the synagogue beside the Palais des Papes.

He then went up into the mountains to the monastery of what he calls the PMT (pre-monststra tensian) brothers. He came back bearing gifts - a jar of my favourite jam, confiture cassis, a rarity in France, despite the fact that they make every flavour known - and some patès des fruits. I'll never shift the weight gained from the excesses of Christmas. Last week it was nougat de Montellimar.

Off to Chartreuse this afternoon, just 200 metres from where I'm sitting, in the cyber espace. The planned trips to the Camargue and the coast have been cancelled due to weather, of which we've ben having a lot, along with the rest of France.

Ceit have emailed you the mobile number for you to text your London dates when you have them. Hope the visit is still on, following your recent accident.

willowfae thanks for the invite to Harry's naming. It's highly unlikely I'll be back in the UK, so take lots of photos.

irishnoodles, I snail mailed you a log two days ago. Has it got lost on the mountain pony that is taking it to Bavaria?
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