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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Don't rock the boat  
2nd-May-2004 05:16 pm
knitting sketch
She was afloat when we arrived at Pont de Vaux on Wednesday but suffering from a bad list to port. During the winter floods she got stuck under the pontoon and has to be rescued by the Captain.

The other damage is the loss of the starboard support pole of the canopy, which is now defficient in the leg department. As is Lyle our Aussie cruising friend. He has a very impressive scar from knee to ankle caused when his engine room inspection hatch fell on him as he was working.

More bad news, the internet access at the Hotel de Ville ended in December 2003.

The only good news? Bogwitch's package arrived on Thursday. I had it with me in the gite at Avignon.
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