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Bored bored bored bored bored!

Missing MWNN more than expected. As a result, spent more time on-line than I should have done yesterday AND today.

Was reflecting on "Anyone can Whistle" and just how good the performance at The Bridewell was. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was because I'd read the reviews. Seems that the reviewers descended in the first week, and the cast had only been together for two weeks and were still experimenting with things. Yes, it is dated, the themes belong to the 1960s but most of them are still relevant today. But the reviewers got it wrong. There were very good performances from all the cast, particularly Paula as the bitch-from-hell Mayoress, Cora; Janie Dee as Nurse Faye Apple; and Edward Baker-Duly as Hapgoood.

Edward Baker-Duly has the razor-sharp cheekbones of James Marsters, great stage presence, a wonderfully physical actor; and, when he stripped off for the seduction scene, I couldn't help noticing the similarity in the abs department. (naughty hesadevil, mind in the gutter again.) Couldn't find a pic of Edward in the role of Hapgood but here's one of him in South Pacific. Not a well-lit pic. So the cheekbones aren't much in evidence, but the naked torso – judge for yourselves

Edward Baker-Duly

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