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Happy Birthday William

And, for anyone who thinks I'm off my trolley and should be commemorating his death, tomorrow (St George's Day), Take a look at the logic of the argument that convinced me.

Interesting choice of popular actors to play Romeo and Juliet in the RSA poll. I'm torn between being pleased for JM and appalled at the thought that he might get a part at the Globe. I'm going to see either R&J or Much Ado with F inj August. She favours Much Ado so that we can take in a matinee and sip a nice drop of white wine one afternoon. I'd rather see R&J.

And now I'd better get out of the way of the flying missiles after I say I don't care what kind of reviews JM gets in the States for his performances of Shakespeare, he's not the right man for the job on the stage in England. Nothing to do with age, it's to do with the certain je ne sais quoi that RSA actors bring to the role. And as for playing Macbeth - have you heard him murder the tomorrow soliloquy?

:going now:

Where to hide? There's never an arrass around when you need one.

Perhaps this icon is what Illyria had in mind when she said she wanted a pet? I found Mildew and Lambsy and Bristle Hound and came across Butch alias Spike from the same Hanna-Barbera site.

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