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Deadline's Breathing Down My Neck.

And I'm no nearer to finishing this damned assignment. It's all over the place in note form and on yellow post-its - never a good sign.

The house needs a good cleaning in preparation for the various sitters who will be here during our absence, but I'm too tired to tackle anything.

I must be really knackered, judging by what I slept through last night. MWNN heard a bang and saw flames shooting up over the back fence at about 2am this morning. My window overlooks the back garden and my bed is directly underneath it. Apparently, he stood on the bed to get a better look at what was happening and I didn't stir. Nor did I twitch when the car that was on fire exploded about 10 minutes later. The Fire Brigade took their time in answering the call but put out the flames in less than 30 seconds. And still I slept. Reminds me of the time the police raided next door when squatters lived there and were running a drugs' factory in the kitchen. WE both slept through that, with the helicopters and police dogs and sirens.

Despite the disturbed and disturbing night, MWNN went over to the CEVNI test centre this morning and passed the Boatmaster's Licence Test which is now a requirement on all European Waters. He now knows what to do when we meet a nuclear submarine maneuvering into port, in fog, at night and things of that ilk.

Mutter, stupid bloody Frogs. When would a narrowboat ever meet ocean going vessels on Class 2 waterways, inland? Still, best to be prepared eh?

Recent conversation with MWNN on a morning dog-walk testing his CEVNI knowledge and my patience.

MWNN: you understand? dit means yes, dit dit means no.
hesadevil: dit.
MWNN: OK, I give the signal dat dat dat, you reply.
hesadevil: dit.
MWNN: correct. Now I'm going downstream and give the signal dat dat dat, you reply.
hesadevil: dit.
MWNN: wrong. dit means yes going upstream only, it's dit dit, going downstream.
hesadevil: canals don't have streams.
MWNN: :pause: Technically they do.

I've probably got the details of all those dits and dats completely wrong but I'm not the one who had to do the test. (As MWNN keeps reminding me he's the Captain, the crew's duty is to obey the Captain without question. I knew there was a reason I hated crewing on boats.)

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