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400 LJ entries

Just had to give it a new colour scheme. So many people complaining about grey layouts. I think grey is the new black, meself, but there you go. Couldn't let the 400th entry pass unmarked.

At least the weather thinks it's Spring at last. I managed to get some embroidery done in the conservatory this afternoon. It was so hot that Killer Terrier took himself indoors, even though I opened all the windows and sliding door to the garden.

The magnolia trees are looking fabulous this year (not that we have any but the neighbours' trees are in full bloom). Perhaps it's all the wet we had earlier? It's about this time of the year that I usually get itchy to be aboard and cruising again. This year, the itch isn't so great. I think my body is still remembering the battering it took in last year's chaleur. I still bear the scars, or at least the ghostly memory of how rough it got.

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