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Subject line brought to you courtesy of the Dire Straits song I've just loaded into the iPod

Last night's showing of the Albert Hall Tribute Concert to George Harrison was absolutely fabulous. MWNN called up to me just as I was closing down for the night and told me to switch the TV on and tune to BBC1. The first thing I saw thought I saw, was a very young George Harrison, on stage. I couldn't work out why he was wearing a loose white shirt. The Beatles were definitely in their collarless suits when he was that age. Then I saw Clapton and realised that this wasn't George, it was his son Dhani. I have to have the DVD of that concert.

The highlights? Tom Hanks as a Mountie for Monty Python's lumberjack song? Otherwise, there were too many to mention. All the musicians were giants in their own right. It was good to see McCartney defering to the maestro, Clapton, and not upstaging everyone else for once. So many great performances of George's finest compositions. Wasn't it good to see, and hear, Billy Preston performing My Sweet Lord? I have to admit that I wept during Clapton's rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps and All Things Must Pass. McCArtney's backing vocals were in perfect harmony. And then I wept again as Joe Brown performed the final number I'll See You in My Dreams to the solo accompaniment of his ukulele.

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