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Time to stop whinging and start DOING. "You got a lot of nerve"

Was listening to fellow Mancunian Mick Hucknal on BBC Radio 2 this morning (afternoon, courtesy of British Summer Time. I'm with you on the whole clock springing forward hate calove. I hadn't realised he'd set up his own record company because of the standard contract that most record labels impose on their artists. Did you know that the artist pays for everything? The advance they get takes the form of a loan, which they pay back with interest. At the end of it all though, the record company keeps ownership of the master tapes. So, when Michael Jackson says he owns the Beatles' music, all he owns is the copyright to the sheet music. The label retains ownership of all the master tapes and that copyright never runs out. Sheesh. Isn't BBC Radio educational?

Credit to Mick, he put up his house(s) as collatoral, and is busy re-recording all his original stuff.My sounds for today - Mick's version of Dylan - the lyrics say it all.

Happy Birthday willowfae

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