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This message is brought to you courtesy of the advice offered by Gary the physiotherapist's most of you who commented on yesterday's entry. I listened to my body. It told me in no uncertain terms to go to bed woman! So, instead of Tai Chi, I had two large pots of tea, some freshly baked wholemeal bread and lots of rest.

The back is much easier today. Two days of post tingly machine exercises seem to be working their magic. Hence I can say with much more enthusiasm and many many *bounces*

Happy Birthday ngaio


Thank You lost2mercy. Your postcard arrived this morning.


Congratulations meallanmouse.

So pleased to hear the updated news fearsclave. You know, it's much easier to get along with a partner when they live about 2 miles away. Yes, two miles is a good distance. Failing that, a big house, with wings.

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