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That explains a lot.

Back from the BP check-up with the doc. Seems I've got a chest infection which would explain the total knackerdom and night sweats for the past week and probably accounts for how easily I put my back out during Tai Chi.

Still going along tonight though, can't afford to get behind on the long Form.

E's mother's funeral was today. The church was full. So many Italian faces. Antonia's grandaughters (14 and 11) read their own prayers for their grandmother and told of why she was so special to them. That was moving. As was the soprano's solo during Communion; her Ave Maria was beautifully rendered and I was very surprised to see that she was a lady in her late 60s.

I managed to stay for the whole Requiem Mass and was much more comfortable on my knees or feet than sitting. Thankfully there was very little sitting.

Well, that's about all I can manage at my desk today.

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