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Preparations going well

of the dogs that were taken by 'Uncle A while doing Sitter’s duties for us arrived today. Awww – my little Killer Terrier fell in lurve. And see, look just how much snow there was last week – very purr….ty.

All set for my trip to the Theatre tonight to see Sondheim’s “Anyone Can Whistle”. My old school chum Paula Wilcox is playing the bitchy Mayoress. Didn’t know she could sing – she never took part in the G&S productions, only the drama, at school. She was wonderful in The Rivals in 1967.

The MWNN is orf to Dublin to visit the aged Ma-in-law tomorrow so I will have the house, the TV, AND the web all to myself for a week. Another period of extreme temptation to indulge in diversionary tactics. Mmmmm must go and do some self-indulgent shopping (of the grub variety) to tide me over the dining alone is no fun blues.

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