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Top 'o the mornin' to ya

And belated biffday greetings to witch_wolf for yesterday. Your parcel went in the post on your birthday but your greetings are a day late.

Busy day today:

* Am just back from the airport - MWNN flew out to Paris for a boy's day out for St. Patrick's Day.(Not so much the Three Musketeers, more Last of the Summer Wine these days.)

* I have to do at least 11 of the set exercises for the OU course if I'm not to get seriously behind again.

*willowfae is coming over with Harry for lunch.

* Tai Chi tonight.

* Work out a plan of campaign for saving up for a new laptop. Is that a very old-fashioned idea - saving up? Why don't I just get one and use a credit card? It's all about anticipation. Remember I posted about that a little while ago?

*Family, Chapter 8 is going up at Blondie Bear

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