hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

It's been a day of good news and bad

Good news (for some?) first

Family:Blood Calls to Blood, Chapter 8:The Generation Gap
is up at my Babblings' Site

Thanks as always to my betas, bogwitch and onetwomany

I'll post it to Blondie Bear later, probably tomorrow. Haven't time tonight - it's AtS Soul Purpose in a couple of hours and dinner isn't prepared yet.

More good news (for me!)Collected my eTMA from the course website earlier this afternoon - that's one cool way to get your assignments marked. Despite all the anxt and prevaricating about it, I scored a very respectable 85%. It would have been more had I been bothered to cross the Ts and dot the metaphorical Is (like included a bibliography with the essay, boring stuff like that.) Anyway, I'm relieved and am ploughing on with the course.

The bad news came earlier in the day. My friend (and neighbour)E's mother died at the hospice this morning.

What can you do but be there if they need anything?

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