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You remember what I said about housework a couple of days ago? Well I was right, wasn't I? The gales have brought in most of the farmer's fine tilth into the house and it's covered everything.

I'd hoped to get on with some writing/beta work/studying but spent the entire morning (and early afternoon) cleaning:

* my Waterford Crystal collection (I really do need a cabinet with glass doors to display it.)
* the bathroom and shower room (white is good but not when covered in this yucky black stuff)
* the living and dining room (dust everywhere, even inside the picture frames. And I knew I should have scotchguarded the hanging.)
* inside the kitchen cupboards (I thought only German housewives did this, according to my sis-in-law, when guests were expected.)

There's a fence panel come out of its post in the garden. Will have to get a man in to deal with that. Not that I usually need a man for such things, but it's very heavy, the gale is still blowing, it's bucketing down, (at least there'll be no more dust)and I'm too little to deal with it on my own.

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