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Ten Years of Fandom

Originally posted by slow_lane at Ten Years of Fandom

This year is the tenth anniversary of WriterConUK. It's time to celebrate!

from Kazzy CEE The 10th anniversary event has been confirmed as the 16th-18th September!! Ten years of getting together at this bijou event (as in, it's not huge and therefore much more fun than a large con) in Coventry at a hotel which knows us (and still lets us come back each year) and whose staff are fabulous!

C'mon - you know you want to! :)

Sign up now for a place at The Event (and party) of the year.
There will be cocktails - oh yes. (Popcorn and sweeties on film nghts only.)

I wonder what special cocktails the hotel will come up with this year?

writercon magic

Calling All Artists!

Originally posted by ningloreth at Calling All Artists!
As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, hesadevil has issued a '10 Years of Fandom' banner challenge. The winning banner will feature on the WriterConUK website (and all the runners up will be displayed at the meeting).

Here are the rules:
Size: 800 x 258 pixels (or the same ratio)
Text: All banners must include the text Writercon UK and 10 Years of Fandom
File format: .gif, .jpg or .png
Deadline: 31st May
Submission: Please submit your banner(s) in comment(s) to this post.

You can enter as many banners as you like. hesadevil will choose the winner.
writercon magic

An absence of three years

made me a little nervous about attending this year's WriterConUK event.

I needn't have worried.

There were lots of friendly faces, some old and some new.

There were goody bags and  a build and fly-yer-own dinosaur icebreaker activity  before the quiz (my group won, thanks to the presence of super-geek Hils)

which was followed by cocktails.

There was a newly refurbished (to me) break-out area

and cocktails.

On Saturday, There was a full day's programme.

Fanfic as Conversation between writers

10.00 Fanfic as Conversation between writers

11.00 Refreshments

11.30 Bearable fanfics from Mills and Boon summaries (very silly but such fun)

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Pimp your Fandom

15.00 Writing dialogue

16.00 Refreshments

16.30 Decorating your goody-bag pencil case

Two Hugos and a Tequila Sunrise

17.30 Cocktails - I finally took the plunge and ordered a Hugo

18.00 BadFic

1900 Dressing for dinner

19.30 Banquet

22.00 Cocktails

I was grateful that I had booked a suite as there were times when I felt rough or was too tired to participate fully. I was able to retire to my rooms and have some tea and knit.

Cowl on blocking wires

No one minded when I opted out, and I wasn't the only one to do so because the day was so packed

I even managed to finish a lacy cowl I was working on.

I had a great, if somewhat tiring time. Best of all, in my opinion, people came foward at the AGM to fill the vacancies left by the outgoing Chairperson and Treasurer - guaranteeing the continuation of The Event into its eighth year, and beyond.

The Event ended with the raffle. This year, people were so generous and brought more than one item each. Everyone managed to snaffle more than one raffle prize. Mine was a bottle of Cremant de Limoux and a box of Guiness Fudge.

My personal thanks go to gillo and curiouswombat for their four years' service as Chairperson and Treasurer - and for making this year's Event a pleasurable one for me.
Spring Fling Moley

Fitness Training

My last session with my Personal Trainer revealed a total lack of muscle tone in my left  tricep. I had no problem raising a 3kg dumbell to position 1, but after I'd put it into position 2, over my left shoulder, I couldn't raise it up again - at all. The right arm had no such problems and could have coped with a heavier weight.

During an Aquacise class yesterday morning, the instructor offered some Speedo Aqua fitness gloves. I decided to give them a go and concentrated on working my upper arms throughout the session, giving my knee a rest from it's recent flareup (arch support must go back in the right shoe for a while).

It's a bit like having webbed fingers. The gloves provide more resistance as you work the arms throughout the exercises,

I'm just beginning to feel the benefit of the workout on those arm muscles this morning.

Final session with my PT is on Thursday. Then it's off to the delights of the Suffolk coastline for two weeks' relaxation and lots of walking.


The weekly knitting group meeting

continues to be well attended and a buzz of activity.

Tea served 'in a pot'

Yesterday, plans for the Festiwool (details coming soon) and Living Crafts events attracted much comment and involvement. Refreshments provided at The Sun, with courtesy and good nature (as always) by Aidan.

Casting-off the final stitch

Modelling the stole

meanwhile, some of our members worked quietly on their knitting. One member, in particular ( a young woman with learning disabilty and epilepsy), put the finishing touches to a lovely stole she's been working on.

Photos © Andy Newton

Picnic in the Park -

- Wimpole Park.

After the fog had burned off this morning, MWNN drove me and his sister to Wimpole Hall Estate.

We arrived at lunchtime, unpacked the chairs and picnic and sat in the sun enjoying our food and tea.

After lunch, we gave Ron a short walk around the house. There were sheep in the fields and notices warning that lambing would be happening soon, so dogs were to be kept on quite a short lead.

The view from the house is lovely, and gives some idea of the size of the estate.

Soon it was time for tea. We sat on the terrace outside the old Rectory (1597) which houses the restaurant, as it was too hot to leave Ron in the car.

We were  joined by a pair of chafinches, eager to share the freshly-baked cakes. Unlike other diners, we left crumbs on the plate for our discerning feathered friends.

A short 30 minuted drive later, we were home again.


The Older I Get

the less I need distance specs for driving (apparently, I'm now legal to drive without them). and the more I need reading specs for knitting, sewing, or reading.

I collected my new pair of readers yesterday (needed a new pair because my prescription had changed again). Specsavers did me a really good deal - 25% off for being over 60 - plus a 'golden ticket' (I feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory) for 50% discount on another pair, if used within a month. Family/friend could use it for 25% off.